We are always keeping up with the latest innovations in kitchen design, and are able to provide a number of different innovations for you kitchen. Why just have a standard drawer when you could have a more functional drawer?

Contemporary, Laminate, 2 Pack


We also have plenty of different options to make the most out of your cupboard space. There are plenty of nice additions you can make to your kitchen cupboards that increase functionality and add style to your kitchen.

Wine Racks

Another innovative, functional and stunning addition to a new kitchen is a wine rack. We can build wine racks to cater for your wine collection in the same style as your kitchen. If you have a spare area of space, instead of leaving it empty you can fill it up with a wine rack that will add elements style and class to your kitchen.

Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars are a fantastic addition to a standard benchtop, creating more bench space and giving a kitchen a touch of style. We can build a number of fantastic breakfast bar styles so you can choose whatever suits your needs best.



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